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Pure manufacture... In December, 2001 final session of students has passed is Russian - the Norwegian program " Pure manufacture ". 18 engineering - technical workers were trained in economy of energy and nature protection technologies. This program assumes introduction of actions in shops which will allow to save up chemicals to reduce the charge freshen waters and to reduce consumption of black oil.

Each of students has prepared serious enough work on introduction of the actions. Except for that for six months of study by them it was introduced 15 actions па the sum over 40 thousand dollars. All students have received a rank the adviser is Russian - the Norwegian program " Pure manufacture ".


SRK2... The today's industrial landscape, alas, is inconceivable without a factory pipe with a rich loop of a smoke, with a characteristic unpleasant smell and tons of a dust settling on a vicinity. Everyone respecting and environmental nature the enterprise aspires to reduce pollution of a nature maximum. And at combine, as far as possible, introduce nature protection technologies. However, despite of all improvements, in 1999 emissions of gases and a dust from pipes of factory in an atmosphere made about 14 thousand tons. And the specific smell issued by pulp-and-paper manufactures, anybody does not overlook, though once having felt.

Entered into operation комбинатовский SRK-2 it is modernized so, that the quantity(amount) of these collateral troubles manages to be lowered. According to experts, the level of emission of harmful substances in an atmosphere at the modernized boiler is reduced ten times against former. Mounted in a complex with the power equipment concentrators as much as possible liquidate evil-smelling metilmercaptan etc. And new powerful electrofilters are capable to detain up to 98-99 percents of a dust.

Certainly, that above комбинатовскими pipes it was twisted only easy transparent pairs, there is not enough modernization of one boiler. SRK-2 - one of several sources of emissions and smells, though also rather impressive. And a smell metilmercaptan to remove completely it is impossible: any thousand shares of interest of this substance do(make) smelling the usual natural gas used in a life, - what to speak about cellulose manufacture! But, nevertheless, already now, experts guarantee, salutary changes in сегежской to an atmosphere will be appreciable.



sppm To receive accreditation, it is necessary to pass full and thorough check of competence and opportunities of laboratory. Representatives of the Centre on accreditation (on Northwest it is institute Mendeleeva) sent us the ciphered tests with the given concentration, and we should to within one thousand a milligram in litre define(determine) the maintenance(contents) of substances, which concentration we did not know. These works our experts have very well and qualitatively performed. As a result of careful check the authoritative commission has come to a conclusion, that our laboratory may be accredited on ISO/MEC (these are the international standards). We have once again proved, that our analyses can be trusted.

Experts of laboratory can be met in any shop, on any workplace, they measure working conditions of workers of our combine. These data admit as the Karelian Ministry of work. We do(make) the analysis of an atmosphere. Our post is opposite to a building of local administration. And, probably, blue color a box somebody notices this. Now you will know, that atmospheric air of our city there is measured. The control is conducted by laboratory of combine. Besides we measure emissions from pipes TES-2, the chemical case, TEC-1. Practically all pipes of combine are supervised, laboratorians of our service. And the control of water of our lake, and releases in him(it) too are conducted by laboratory.

Check has shown, that our laboratory works qualitatively. We - the second laboratory on Northwest which has passed accreditation under the international standard, and for today we are already brought in the State register of Russia. Therefore with all the heart it would be desirable to thank all our laboratorians, engineers who have applied(put) so much efforts that we have reached(achieved) it.