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JSC "Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill" was put into operation in summer 1939. It took only 28 months to build the mill. The new enterprise produced paper sacks and solved the problem of their lack in the growing economics of the Soviet Union.

The site for the mill chosen was not by chance; this region was rich in raw materials. Besides Segezha is situated in the north of Karelia close to railway and motor road S-Perersburg - Murmansk and Belomor-Baltic Canal (White Sea - Baltic Sea canal). The town of Segezha was built together with the mill.

In 1948 the mill was awarded with the Order of Lenin for its contribution into economics of the country, its work during Great Patriotic War and reconstruction of the mill after the War. That was the highest government reward of the Soviet Union.

The mill has passed through several modernization and reconstruction stages, now it has facilities for production of 350,000 tons of unbleached sulfate pulp, 350,000 tons of sack kraft paper and 702 mln pieces of paper sacks.

In 1992 during the period of Russian economics reorganization the mill was reorganized into Joint Sock Company "Segezhabumprom".

In 1999 the mill was reformed into open Joint Stock Company "Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill"