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Products are of high quality

The Company is one of the largest in Russia manufacturers of sack paper and paper sacks, designed for cement, mineral fertilizers, chemicals and other products packing.

The choice of type and size of paper sacks depends on a customer as it is possible to produce different types of paper sacks on our lines such as sewn, glued with various numbers of plies, open wclose, with or without valve, with plies of PE-coted (bitumen-coated, silicone-coated) paper, with any pictures printed on sacks.

There are machines for manufacturing of paper bags with carrying capacity from 1 kg. up to 3 kg., rope making machines and machin for producing crepe tape.

Used standards

NoName productionStandart
1.Sack paperGOST 2228-81 E type M-70 and M-78
2.Wrapping paperGOST 8273-75
3.Kraft-liner KSTU 5441-005-51321438-99
4.Sack paper of increased strengthTU 5434-848-00248646-98
5.Paper sacksGOST 2226-88
6.Paper ropeTO-13-0279116-022-89
7.Paper bagsTU 81-01-430-76
8.Paper packagesGOST  24370-80
9.Glue ribbon on paper baseGOST 18251-87
10RosinGOST 14201-83
11Fatty acidsGOST 14845-79
12Light tall oilTU 13-0281078-100-80-1
13PitchTU 13-0281078-146-90
14Sawn timber of Whitewood and RedwoodGOST 26002-83E GOST 8484-86